My name is Stacie Brown Forbes and I welcome you to my site.  Heartifactory is a collection of my artwork, creative ideas, teaching practices and art curriculum.  Here’s a quick tour of what you can discover here.


EXPERIENCE details the opportunities I have used to gain knowledge and practice in the field of art education.


CONTACT gives you ways in which to talk with me, whether it is to inquire about a workshop or to purchase my artwork and creative re-use kits.


PARTY highlights some of the art activity options that you might choose to incorporate into a celebration party.


WORKSHOP offers some of the art projects that you might select  to be taught in a group situation.


RESIDENCY details some of the themes available for a three day to three week teaching residency in a school setting.


JEWELRY displays one-of-a-kind wearable accessories that I design and offer for sale.


BAGS shows one-of-a-kind upholstery fabric bags and totes that I construct and offer for sale.


CREATIVE RE-USE provides kits for sale that I assemble from re-use materials.


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